About Audio Visual Experts



Audio Visual Experts has earned an outstanding reputation as a reliable audio visual services provider and has consistently performed at exceptional levels of service. We are committed to align with our client’s goals and objectives in our effort to offer the best audio visual resources and programs specifically suited to meet and exceed your expectations.

Audio Visual Experts’ core business focus includes design, installation, sales and repair. Drawing from decades of experience, we are able to utilize our expertise in all areas of the industry to provide comprehensive solutions that maximize value and enhance efficiency while providing unequalled customer service. In addition, the commitment and participation of our employees is integral in all projects, and management experience and team depth are significant. These capabilities allow us to retain our client-focused culture and to react quickly to an ever-changing and dynamic marketplace, while also providing attentive, individualized and integrated solutions.

Our experience enables us to deliver all aspects of a project on-time and on-budget with limited impact to building operations. In our relationship with you, we will act as a strategic partner, working with you to achieve your goals. We are dedicated to providing superior performance and we look forward to providing the services that will achieve measurable results.


The Audio Visual Experts team has over 50 years of experience in the audio visual industry. Every team member at Audio Visual Experts has dedicated responsibilities that contribute to the success of your project from the initial design concept through installation and completion and every team member has a knowledgeable scope of each project. Audio Visual Experts’ believes in maximizing the potential of our employees and offering opportunities for professional growth by encouraging employees to attend webinars, seminars and in-house vendor training on the most innovative state-of-the-art audio visual technologies. Our company philosophy is one of teamwork and a spirit of collaboration with our employees and clients.

Tim McAnally

General Manager

Tim brings over 30 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the audio visual industry. As the General Manager, he oversees your project from the initial design phase to project completion to ensure that your project stays on time, within budget and that our team delivers work that surpasses our client’s expectations. He is responsible for sales, design development, contract fulfillment as it relates to schedule, cost, scope of work, team management, project updates and reviews. He ensures the most efficient use of resources and excels in value engineering. He focuses on building client relationships and using innovative ideas that create quality solutions for our client’s audio visual integration needs.

Elizabeth Chavez

Office Manager

Liz is responsible for AVE’s office administration including client relations, project management, sales, marketing, as well as the day-today operations of the business. She has over 30 years of experience in office management and administration. She successfully administers the operations of Audio Visual Experts including promoting the culture and core values of the business.

Rich Trotti

Lead Technician

Rich specializes in audio visual systems integration and has over 20 years of experience installing sound systems, video projection systems and lighting projects. He has brand and equipment certification training in the full spectrum of new and emerging audio visual technologies. He is also responsible for performance management, team development and provides leadership to ensure quality control and concise project scope and specifications.